Computers, Laptops, Tablets, and Cell Phones

that are not stripped out are free to recycle.

All other electronics recycling is 25 cents per pound

with the exception of CRT Monitors and TVs.

That price will be 65 cents per pound.

Recycle all of your electronics at

Affordable Computers!

Please do not leave any items outside when we are not open.

FREE Hard Drive Destruction Upon Request

We accept anything with a power cord or uses batteries, except as noted below:

Items Accepted:
Computer Equipment
LCD & LED Monitors
Printers & Scanners
MP3 Players & Radios
Telephone Equipment & Pagers

All Types of Cameras
Answering Machines
Cellular Phones & PDA’s
Fax Machines

DVD Players & VCRs
Wires, Cable & Cords


 If you don’t see it listed, it is probably accepted.

Please call to confirm: 717-646-0880

Items NOT Accepted:

Items containing FREON


Ice Cube Trays, Automotive Headlight assemblies, PVC fittings are examples of items we have received but really don’t recycle.


Any questions about Electronic Recycling call